the story & the vision

Vagheggi is a continually evolving company that has always remained loyal to its vision of beauty and its mission to produce phytocosmetics. Thanks to almost forty years’ experience, this intuition today enables us to meet a widespread, better-informed demand for authentic naturalness and real wellbeing that respects the environment we live in.

When selecting raw materials, Vagheggi follows careful fair-trade and sustainable development policies, using suppliers that comply with local and international laws to protect and develop the environment which interact with the local community, providing jobs and maintaining the traditional harvesting and processing techniques.

Vagheggi makes unique “bespoke” cosmetics which stands for a choice of qualitative excellence that refuses standardisation.

All Vagheggi Phytocosmetics are 100% made in Italy, packaged using eco-friendly paper and containers that do not release phthalates.


The Vagheggi BIO+ line is Natural and Organically Certified whilst being a high performing skincare range suitable for face, body and any skin type. The entire range is inspired by nature and contains pure essential and certified Comos Organic and Vegan ingredients. The line brings a unique sensory experience where each texture has been designed to evoke maximum well-being.

The BIO+ line is made according to standards for vegan cosmetics. Vegan cosmetic certification guarantees compliance with the principles of a vegan lifestyle. Strict checks attest to the non-animal origins of the raw materials all the way through to the packaging used.